How to use Online ordering

How to use Online ordering
  1. First, go to ORDER PRODUCT header. Note, ordering is split into two sections: Labeled Rx Formulary or OTC, Injectables, & Med-Surg Supply products. Choose one section to start ordering from and finish with the second section before checking out.
  2. Products are listed alphabetically. If you wish, you can sort by order number (your unique order code follows the drug name) by clicking on the Sort by: and changing how you want the list sorted.
  3. To order, simply type in the quantity you wish to order and then click on Add to Cart
  4. Make sure to follow minimum and multiple order requirements.
  5. Follow the simple on screen directions to continue ordering, view your cart, adjust or delete items from your cart and then click on Checkout to place your order.


Please Note
  1. Products pictured in this system are for comparison only. Any product shown (primarily generics) may not be the actual brand of the product shipped.
  2. If you wish to add products to your labeled or bulk formulary, there will be a free text message box at the end of the check out process.
  3. For items to be added to your labeled formulary, please provide the name of the product, strength (if applicable), package size, and patient instructions. For example, please add Amoxicillin 875mg Tablets #20 with a SIG of 1 tablet bid X 10 days. You can request a price quote before the product is added to your formulary or you can place an order by providing the quantity of units desired. Minimum order requirements may apply. Closest package size available will be provided.
  4. If you wish to add products to your bulk/OTC formulary, provide the item order number from the on-line catalog, the name of the product and package size as well as quantity desired. For example, send me 30 units of PB00017 Ibuprofen 200mg #24. Please note that minimum order requirements may apply. If the product you desire is not in the on-line catalog, you may request the availability of that product from Pharmedix and a customer representative will get back to you regarding your request.
  5. Products added to either your labeled or bulk formulary will be available for you to order on-line within 7 days.