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Date added: 10/01/2012 Firefox Compatibility
Pharmedix online shopping cart is now working with Firefox web browser.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.
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### 8/30/2012 ### Our website works best with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. If you are having a problem adding items to your cart, please try it again using Internet Explorer. We are working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.
Date added: 03/21/2012 EHR Systems Can Now Electronically Dispense Pharmedix® Prescription Labeled Product

Pharmedix® is pleased to announce the release of ‘PFOT’, the Pharmedix File Order Transfer system. PFOT allows Pharmedix® to electronically transfer both formulary and invoice files directly to a variety of Electronic Health Record vendors whose systems are installed at sites dispensing the Pharmedix® product. Regardless of your software vendor, facilities that have a pharmacy dispensing module as part of their current E.H.R. system can now dispense Pharmedix® products through that system without having to manually input each shipment of Pharmedix® prescription labeled product.


Pharmedix® will electronically transfer your current formulary (and subsequent updates) to your software vendor to install on the pharmacy dispensing module of your system. Similarly, as each order ships, an electronic copy of the data pertinent to each medication will be transmitted to your vendor to update your medication inventory file. This data includes product name, strength, package size, amount, cap/tab description, NDC number, lot number, expiration date, manufacturer, and a host of other information. Pharmedix® has notified most of the E.H.R. vendors who are currently installed at the majority of our clients regarding the availability of PFOT. For specific information and availability for your health center location, please contact your individual E.H.R. software vendor.

Date added: 10/28/2011 Medique Diphen 25mg Capsules replaced with Diphen 25mg Caplets
Medique has discontinued Diphen 25mg capsules and replaced it with Diphen 25mg caplets. There will be no difference in price.